The Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge is a month-long event that gives students the opportunity to help
communities in need through reading and completing Learning A-Z activities.

Register Your Students With a 

Special Extended Free Trial

Extended product trials are available for the duration of the challenge so that every student has the chance to
participate and help communities in need around the world.

Teachers: Start a free, extended trial to join the challenge.

Benefits of Participating

Students who have participated in the Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge:

    • Read 3x as many books
    • Complete 4x as many activities
    • Achieve reading gains faster
    • Make a life-changing impact on communities around the world and        model good citizenship

How It Works

  1. Students earn stars by reading books and completing activities within the student portal (Kids A-Z).

  2. From October 9 to November 3, students donate their stars toward healthy meals, clean water, or school supplies to help communities in need. For each category, students can choose to make a regular donation (4,000 stars) or a mega donation (11,000 stars). All donations are made within the Kids A-Z Star Zone.*

  3. After stars are donated, Learning A-Z makes a monetary donation, up to $20,000, on behalf of participating students to support a children’s humanitarian organization that works worldwide.

    Learn, earn stars, and donate. It's that simple

Star Challenge Goals

We’re challenging students to donate 2 billion stars to unlock up to $20,000 in donations from Learning A-Z to a children’s humanitarian organization.

Students decide how many donations are made to each category:

Healthy Meals
Donations provide highly nutritious food for children facing severe hunger.

Clean Water
Donations provide water tablets to ensure communities have access to clean water.

School Supplies
Donations provide communities without sufficient infrastructure with school supplies and building materials to give every student access to education.

All-Time Student Donations

Students have donated 6.6 billion stars to help communities in need since the start of the Learning A-Z Star Donation Challenge in 2020.

Note: Donations toward school supplies are new for the Fall 2023 Star Donation Challenge.

Let's Get Started
Roster, Assign and Learn!

Step One

Start an extended free trial then make sure students are rostered and the Incentives setting is turned on.

Step Two

Assign books and activities or set up the Reading Room so students have plenty to work on during the challenge.

Step Three

Encourage students to keep reading and completing activities. Once students earn enough starts to donate, they can make their donation within the Kids A-Z Star Zone.

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